Purposeful Design. Spaces for Living

We hold a fundamental belief that all people matter. Every individual deserves a space that respects their dignity, enhances their wellbeing and honours their unique narrative. We call this: Architecture in the Service of People.

For 40 years, we’ve designed and delivered projects across a wide range of typologies including seniors living, aged care, specialist disability accommodation, social & affordable housing and domestic violence accommodation – always combining respect, dignity, and a strong social conscience with the deep experience in the specialist areas we work in.

The design of spaces for living has become increasingly complex with a diverse range of typologies emerging. We believe this calls for a new approach and way of thinking. In response we have brought together our deep expertise in all forms of impactful and purposeful design in one multidisciplinary specialist team.

Delivering a Social Impact

We don’t measure our success in profit and loss statements, but how our work impacts the people we serve, from our clients to the users who inhabit the spaces that we can help you create.

Over the past two years alone, it has been a privilege to design in excess of 75 projects across social and affordable housing, seniors and aged care residences, domestic violence residences and specialist disability accommodation that bring dignity, wellbeing and honour, to the residents and families.


Women with secure homes escaping domestic violence


People provided with affordable housing


Specially designed homes for people with disability


Spaces for people of retirement age

A new approach

As we design homes that cater for the unique needs and aspirations of individuals, we have brought together our expertise in Seniors Living, Aged Care, Social and Affordable Housing, Family and Domestic Violence Accommodation and Specialist Disability Accommodation into a single offering, which we call Purposeful Design. Spaces for living.

This unique collection of expertise allows us to think broadly and strategically about residential solutions. It also allows us to be agile in our response to emerging trends of hybrid housing.

A Selection of Projects


Master Planned Estate

The Yarra Rossa village is designed to enable people to live independently for longer with a series or micro communities within the larger ecosystem, each with its own common room. The community facilities are abundant promoting social connections with pedestrian paths connecting the site. The units and common areas allow flexibility to meet higher care needs if required. The design responds fantastically to the beautiful Redhill setting making it a sought-after destination with all 100 units selling within record time.

Lane Cove

Mixed Tenure Residential

A pioneering mixed tenure project where private apartments are co-located with social & affordable apartments as well as NDIS specialist disability accommodation. All residents get to share a high-level of amenity including roof top garden, communal open spaces, well-lit circulation spaces. The design responded to the unique interface with the adjacent environmental zone by employing a tiered setback that provides a beautiful outlook from the proposed apartments to the picturesque scenery of Stringybark Creek.


Domestic Violence Accommodation

An Innovative Domestic Violence Accommodation Project in partnership with Link-Wentworth Community Housing. This project addresses the pressing accommodation challenges and the evolving needs with a transformative solution. Utilising a Core & Cluster model, this design recognises the significance and the need for safe and secure living spaces with domestic-feel and showcases a dedication to inclusivity and adaptability recognising that everyone’s healing journey is different.


Group Home of the Future

Our collaboration with Westhaven, renowned Disability Service Provider has yielded a revolutionary prototype that sets new standards in group home design. “The group home of the future” initiative, brought to life by the design team at Stanton Dahl. Rooted in a dedication to innovation and inclusivity, our design approach harmoniously marries safety, engagement, sustainability, and a caters for a wide range of disabilities. The result is not just a home, but a ground-breaking vision realised – a safe, engaging, sustainable, and commercially viable group home that promotes independence, individual choice, and inclusive living for all.

What we do.
Our purpose and yours.

Our team is deliberately agile. We are highly experienced in delivering project solutions, from feasibility through to construction documentation and administration to the occupancy. At Stanton Dahl, we also recognise that there are many ways to partner with organisations depending on their requirements to develop built environment value.


Getting the best outcome

Our practice is committed to designing spaces that truly impact and enhance the lives of individuals. Project feasibility, from budgeting to compliance, is a core skill at Stanton Dahl. Whether your project is more conventional or a highly innovative one, we have the right team to work with you, ensuring that the perfect solutions are identified right from the project’s inception.


Resilient delivery process

Communities are more than the sum of their parts and buildings are not standalone objects but interact with their surroundings. Master planning is about understanding the intricate relationship between the built environment and the people it serves. it’s the roadmap to long-term success. Our completed master plans aren’t destined for the bottom drawer; they serve as guiding beacons for future decisions and objectives.

& Design

Delivering impact

Testing is the key that brings us closer to the right outcome. The cornerstone of our design methodology is the collaborative partnership with you, allowing us to fully grasp your priorities. By doing so, we’re able to meticulously narrow down the myriad possibilities, ultimately demonstrate how we can creatively fulfill the most vital objective: creating a living space that truly speaks to the human experience.

& Administration

Competence & efficiency

Not all projects result in a building, but when they do, it is important that they are delivered with care and precision. We recognise that there is a complex array of stakeholders involved in delivering documentation that a builder can then hand over, within the budget and time frame.


Technical expertise

The regulatory framework under which buildings are constructed is increasingly complex & stringent. At Stanton Dahl, we have a wealth of experience in Class 2 Residential Construction requirements and have extensive experience with projects that are built under the Design and Building Practitioners (DBP) Act.

Our Team

In response to the evolving needs of our clients and the industry, we have integrated our expertise from Seniors Living, Aged Care, Social & Affordable Housing, Family & Domestic Violence and Specialist Disability Accommodation into one cohesive team.

This team is headed by Mahi Lau and Ahmed Tarshan and are part of the 40+ strong team at Stanton Dahl who have delivered 1000’s of projects. They are driven by the understanding that all spaces we create can significantly impact the lives of our clients and individuals, fostering a sense of belonging, inclusivity, and comfort.

Mahi Lau

Mahi is a Principal at Stanton Dahl and has over 20 years of industry experience across all aspects of Purposeful Design. Working closely with industry experts, she has grown her niche in delivering specialist products while incorporating a sophisticated understanding of stakeholder requirements. Mahi is constantly mindful of how design impacts individuals and their quality of life, and this is what drives her belief in creating a holistic and integrated approach towards our design projects.

Ahmed Tarshan

Tarshan is an Associate at Stanton Dahl and brings over 20 years of experience in designing spaces for diverse sectors, including specialist residential, design for seniors and other sectors. Tarshan is fueled by a passion for tackling complex design challenges and always questions the purpose and the solution. He excels in leading design teams and aligning projects with clients’ business objectives, backed by his master’s degree in business administration.

Some of our Clients & Partners

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